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We understand that change begins with us, so we are quite careful with the selection of our materials. While we recognize that our pillows may not change the world, we try our best to minimize our carbon footprint and the impact thereof. We are always seeking new ways to improve the sustainability of our products. Here are some of the measures we take to do just that:

organic pillow certifications

Our Fill

A unique blend of shredded memory foam and fiber is what comprises our loose fill. We increase the natural content of our memory foam by using soy bean oils to replace a portion of some petroleum derived ingredients. We use Certi-Pur certified foams to ensure the highest quality, and don't treat any of our fills with chemical flame retardants.

 In addition to the memory foam, we use an extremely light down alternative fiber fill for our pillows. This allows the blended foam to retain less heat and provide added support, where typical down feathers tend to trap heat and lack any necessary long-term support.  


memory foam adjustable organic pillow

Our Fabrics

Our covers are made using a breathable certified organic cotton/poly blended fabric, which is not treated with any chemical flame retardants. Our removable covers are not only soft to the touch, but can remain soft wash after wash. The reason we chose organic cotton over standard cotton is its environmental benefits. With organic cotton, the plants aren’t treated with hazardous chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, insecticides or Genetically Modified Organisms; which have negative impacts on farmers, workers, consumers, and the entire wildlife ecosystems, and proudly carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. We feel that the combination of the two materials makes the perfect cover for our pillows, long-lasting and ultra-soft.

Organic cotton

Our Packaging

We spent countless hours developing the most effective packaging systems possible. We use a zero plastic packaging strategy, which is 100% recyclable,for all of our pillows. This is quite a plus over traditional packaging, since we contribute no packaging waste. Our main packaging element is a drawstring bag made of our certified organic cotton/poly blended fabric, which can be used various ways. You can use it to store away your product, for safekeeping around the house and also to pack your product for travel purposes. You can never run of usage options, and will never consider it as landfill-destined waste.


Recyclable Sustainable packaging