Care Instructions

Washable memory foam pillow
When you receive your pillow:
  • We use the drawstring bag as part of the packaging to protect the product. We strongly recommend washing the drawstring bag according to care instructions shortly after removing the product from the bag. 
  • To fluff loose fill product, place in your dryer for 10 minutes, NO HEAT. To improve results use wool dryer balls. 
  • To improve the comfort of your product we recommend that you carefully remove the 2 large white tags from the product. DO NOT pull or tear off product, this can cause damage to your product. Using scissors please carefully cut the tags close to where they are attached to the product. These are the Law tag with product information and the care instructions. Please keep these in a safe place.
Keep all your HMBL Home items looking their best with these general care tips:
  • Avoid products containing benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids and chlorine bleach. These items may include: skin care and acne medication, hair products and dyes, cosmetics, toothpastes and household cleaning products. For stain removal, try Oxyclean instead of bleach.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets, harsh liquid or powdered detergents. 
  • Don’t wash with clothing – zippers, hooks, etc. cause abrasion.
  • Wash similar items together – same color and fabric.
Care Instructions by Category
For Organic Cotton Pillow covers:
  • Machine wash Cold, Gentle Cycle
  • Line dry only
  • Do not iron
  • Avoid Excess Detergent
  • Use Wool Dryer Balls to speed up drying time
  • Do not use or store until completely dry
    For Inner (stuffed) cases: 
    • Spot Clean only
    • DO NOT machine wash
    • Take care when cleaning as opening zipper accidentally can cause fill to fall out