Why Use a Leg Pillow?

I don’t know about you but I used to stuff a normal head pillow between my legs when I would sleep. I guess I would identify as a ‘side sleeper’ but I really toss and turn a lot at night. Every time I would turn the covers would come with me. I would toss and turn and get wrapped up and wrapped up and be woken up to “why do you have all the covers??”- [my wife] Enter, the Leg Pillow.

Many other brands will demonstrate that their leg pillows will help align your hips and lower back to alleviate back pain. That may very well be true but contrary to popular belief, we are not doctors or scientists. At HMBL, it was more about creating a more comfortable solution for everyday users other than a head pillow between the legs.

In fact we feel that our Leg Pillow is a much better solution than stuffing your least favorite head pillow between your legs. Heres why we think so:

Design and Materials

  • The rounded sides allow you to flip and roll without catching the covers
  • Now you can keep your knees bent-- (‘other brands’ are squared off on the ends making it feel like you have a brick of foam between your legs
  • The cut outs for your legs are lined with a layer of plush memory foam while the body of the pillow uses High Resiliency foam to provide the support you need
  • Like all of our pillows the cover is made from 100% Organic Cotton
  • As with the rest of our bed pillow product line We use zero plastics in our products and packaging.