Why Use a Bed Wedge?

A lot of the time the bed wedge gets tied to various medical ailments. While studies show that sleeping or resting on an incline can help with things such as heartburn, acid reflux, GERD and many more, that is not the primary focus of our wedge.

The Bed Wedge Pillow by HMBL Home is designed for everyday use by everyday users. We designed this pillow to be the ideal pillow to use while relaxing in bed or on the couch. How many times have you been watching TV or reading in bed or even just searching the web or social media with two or more pillows stacked on top of each other. No matter what you do, they deflate, slide off of each other, fall into that abyss between your headboard and the mattress and you are left uncomfortable.

The HMBL Home Bed Wedge Pillow  is designed to stay in place and provide you with support and comfort all night.  While most wedges are made with an extremely firm solid piece of foam, ours is made with shredded foam to give you that feeling of laying on a cloud of comfort. Just because the Bed Wedge is supportive doesn’t mean that it has to be uncomfortable.

Lastly, you will notice that because of our unique fill choice, the Bed Wedge Pillow comes rolled in a reusable 100% Organic Cotton drawstring bag. These pillows are not compressed before hand and that is because we want you to be able to roll the Bed Wedge up should you want to tuck it away for storage or even take it with you on the go!