Why 'HMBL Home'?

Our name is pronounced ‘Humble Home’.  We landed on this name for a couple of reasons but most importantly the name reflects the values that we instill in our brand.  In multiple ways, we feel that it is important for us to remain HMBL. Here are a few:

Our Design: We design our products with a minimalist design.  We do not want to be over-elaborate with our products no matter what they are. It is important for us to keep it simple so that our product can be used in your everyday life. We also want the quality of the product to speak for itself, it is more important to us to make a simple pillow that you love rather than a flashy pillow that is all looks.

Our Materials:  You can read more about our materials and packaging on our Sustainability page but here is a quick summary. We feel it is important that we do our part to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible with the tools that we have.  We use certified Organic Cotton for all of our pillow cases and travel bags. Our foam is made with soy beans offering a more eco-friendly solution by  replacing a portion of ingredients that are typically derived from petroleum. Lastly, our packaging consists of a certified organic cotton reusable drawstring bag with a paper hang tag.

Our Philosophy: We mention in Our Story on the site that we try to remain HMBL in more than just our design but in our philosophy as well. To us, this means being able to help others with the proceeds we make from selling our pillows. We try to take a different approach from most with our give-back program.  We have selected three different types of charities for you to choose from during the product selection phase. This way, you can choose which is more important to you and you get to control a little where the money from your purchase goes.

As you can see, this adventure we are on is more than just selling pillows.  It is an opportunity for us to give something back and adjust the mindset of both our customers and the competition. We appreciate your consideration and interest in our brand and hope to continue to grow and carry on our mission to help everyone to create their own HMBL Home.

HMBLY Yours,