The Benefits of an Adjustable Head Pillow

Years of experience in the sleep industry, and years of...well, sleeping, have taught us that no single pillow is good for everyone, thats just the way it is. So we didn't set out with the impossible goal to make the “best for everyone”, but we want to give it our best shot. When developing our head pillow as with all of our products, we sat down with friends, family and industry experts to get as much feedback as we possibly could. With studies showing that too much choice leads to more stress and less satisfaction, we’ve decided to offer just one, universally comfortable head pillow. To do that, we chose a loose fill of a specific memory foam blend, with the ability to add or remove it, for several reasons.

The drawbacks to a solid memory foam pillow is that they generally force the user to hold one position throughout the night, and from our research and experience, thats just not the way most people sleep. Most people like move around and to ‘mash up’ their pillow the way they like it and you just can’t do that with a solid memory foam pillow. This is why we choose to use a loose fill.

But we took it a step further than just a super comfortable loose fill. Everyone loves the comfy fill, but some may want a thicker/firmer pillow, some may want a thinner/softer pillow. Thats why we made it adjustable. Theres two zippers; one on the outer 100% organic cotton cover, and one on the inner ‘core’ case. All the user needs to do is simply unzip both zippers and start adding or removing fill as they see fit, until they get it just right. Then when needed, the core can be removed from the 100% Organic Cotton outer cover, so that the outer cover can be machine washed and dried. On top of all that, we made our “Standard” size actually a Queen size pillow, measuring in at 20in x 30in (50cm x 76cm).